Growth is the gift of letting go

I have found a lot of really wonderful Humans here on Medium. This is not a unique experience. I read about it all the time. It’s happened to a lot of Humans who write here, I’m not so special.

What I want to focus on is the after-effects of this phenomenon. It is amazing to me how The Universe has used Medium as a tool to guide me, heal me, open me over the last three years. It’s a process I never saw coming when I published my first piece back in May of 2017 (see below).

When I arrived here — I read more than I wrote. I responded and liked posts — or whatever it was we did before we “clapped”. I became friends with some of the writers I read most often and one of them encouraged me to submit a story for publication (thank you, White Feather). So I did — that story, the first one I ever published is also below. With many thanks to P.S. I Love you.

This kind of support and encouragement from Real Writers and Real Editors was astounding to me. I slowly began to wonder if perhaps I might belong here — perhaps I might not be so awful at this after all — perhaps I might one day be a writer.

Time went on, I began to listen more to Real Ann and Her Voice speaking to me every single day. Writing helped me find the vibe, pick up the beat. I’ve always said I’m just the messenger and it’s true. The stuff I write comes from The Universe. And She sends it out to whoever needs to read it. I am sure of it.

I remember the day I hit 100 followers — I was so incredibly humbled so many Humans would find something I wrote worth their time. I knew I didn’t have THAT many friends and family following me. These were complete strangers The Universe had guided to me because they needed to hear something She wanted to tell them.

As I wrote I joined more publications until one day the tide simply turned. Just like that, the message had changed. I kept getting notices that what “We” were writing wasn’t a ‘good fit’ for the places which had been the go-to. And the editors were absolutely correct. The truth was obvious, I had changed — again.

The places I had once fit into were no longer the places I belonged. It seemed I might be growing. It’s a hard thing to face, to know when to gracefully take your leave and move on. But I did. No angst. No anger. No shame. I’ve never been one to bang on closed doors for very long. It was apparent The Universe had a different plan in mind, a new direction — so I let go.

The very day I left as a writer for those publications, I got invited to write for another. And then another. And then another. The lesson was clear. I had to let go of what needed to go to make room for what needed to come.

As I submit Our pieces to our current publications, I feel a new kind of joy. There is a community of Humans here. Humans who share my belief system. Humans who care for and about each other. Humans who tread lightly upon the Earth, both in body and spirit. Humans who help me grow and resonate with “Our” vibe.

My gratitude for the path I’ve been set on is immense. But make no mistake, letting go was difficult. It took facing the truth about who I had become, who I am destined to be. It took taking my ego and stowing her away. It took trust in my journey and faith in The Universe.

Growth is never a chip shot. Even when the evolution is to a higher vibration. We put down our shields and take off our masks. We shed an old familiar skin, leave habits behind, dissolve relationships, change who we present to the world.

We evolve.


My first ever piece on Medium. May 2017

My first piece ever published in a publication. July 2017

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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