The Difference

My Tree — 2017

This Christmas season feels different.

2017 has been a year of changes for all of us for sure.

For me it began with listening more. To everything. There is a piece of wisdom I came across which says we never actually listen to each other, we only listen to ‘reply’ to each other. So we never really hear each other. I began listening.

To other people. And what I learned when I listened is people come from their own place. What is going on with them is never about you. Let me say that again. It is NEVER about you. No matter what they are doing, saying, or being. It has nothing to do with you. That information is incredibly liberating and also quieting to your Inner Critic.

To myself. What did I really want my life to look like? How far have I come with that? Where am I going with it? What feels right? What needs to go to make room for the blessings to come? Who is a blessing?

To my body. My poor body whom I have never made friends with. We became friends. I listen when she’s tired. I care for her when she’s sick. I meditate and practice yoga and feed her good food and more water as she deserves. I pamper her with massages. I am kinder to her. I accept her. She is beautiful and strong. My team mate in this life.

To the people who love me. When they tell me I am worthy. And they honor me with the gifts of their time and presence and love and care. I no longer try to do it all on my own. I have learned to lean a bit and trust the support of my tribe.

This season I have baked, shopped, decorated and wrapped just like every Christmas before. But there is a new something in my heart. This season wasn’t the hectic rush to a finish line. It was a thoughtful journey of love given and received.

The presents I bought are only tokens of the love I hold in my heart for the people who will unwrap them. Love is the only perfect gift we can give each other. This year I understood that and let go trying to make Christmas about anything else. I bought no obligatory gifts and sent no Christmas cards.

The people in my world receive love. But not just for Christmas, all year long. They have been honored and listened to this year. Including me, and my body. This Christmas celebration is about the close of a year well lived.

Thank you to all of my fellow travelers on this journey with me. You share your gifts with me every day, and I am so incredibly grateful.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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