The Dark Side Returns…

(Stick with me here — It’s not just about a movie)

Death Star? Or Moon….

I recently went to see Star Wars — The Last Jedi and no worries here, I’m not telling anyone anything they haven’t already seen in the trailers.

What struck me about this whole series, over and over again is this one fact. The Force — what we euphemistically call the Light Side of The Force, The Good, The Pure, The White Knights (although they made the bad guy storm troopers white in a stroke of genius, but I digress) — always seems to position itself as the underdog. Why is that?

At the end of Leia, Luke and Han’s ‘final’ battle in Return Of The Jedi there were Ewoks jumping for joy as The Emperor, Darth, and The Dark Side had been banished and good had triumphed over evil, blah blah blah. And BAM — happy ending.

Fast forward maybe thirty something years and some how it has all gone to shit in one generation.

Leia, Luke and Han couldn’t maintain an Alliance and keep it together for a few decades. Really? After all that? The effort? The loss of life? The belief in purpose? The freaking ‘Force Being With You’ for crying out loud?


We find them scurrying about — again being labeled as Rebels. Resistance. Underdogs.

The Dark Side firmly marching back into power and getting stronger.

The Pendulum has swung back with ferocity. Why?

Because I’m a geek — Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter — all things space, sci-fi, and fantasy related are simply metaphors for my reality. So I have a theory about this. And it mirrors real life.

People just chose The Dark Side.

It’s not rocket science.

It just is.

Eventually people may chose The Light. Even The Darth Vaders of the universe get sick of the Dark Side and dig out that small beam of light that still lives inside of them and grasp it. But it’s always a personal choice.

Darkness or Light. We make that choice every day. As individuals. And then those choices filter down into the community we build and the society we found, and the world we live in.

We like to think that The Light always wins, but George Lucas knows better. The Light and The Dark exist as balance to each other. Without The Light — there is no happy ending, no heros, no princesses, and no Jedi, but without The Dark, there is no story, no sequel, nothing for us to look forward to in coming months and years in the Star Wars saga.


In the Last Jedi — Luke tells us this about The Light and The Dark Side and The Force. That there is no good or evil. Darkness and Light simply exist and The Force is that energy between them. More or less the glue which holds the universe together. That which balances it all, the centrifugal force which holds The Light and The Dark in their places so that neither one over comes the other.

When you examine your own choices — be sure to acknowledge both The Light and The Dark, lest you become entangled in an internal perpetual battle that mimics the Star Wars saga. And know this — if you chose to stand with the Light — You will always be the underdog. You will always be The Rebel. You will always be The Resistance.

May The Force be with you.

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