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Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash

In My World Spring has arrived. Full Force. It started with the Cherry trees last month. Soon my Japanese Maple showed up to The Party. Now the Magnolias, Forsythia, and Redbuds are opening their blossoms. The Dogwoods will be starting shortly.

Daffodils are emerging from their long winter’s nap. Tulips and Lilies will be popping up in a hot minute. And then — brace yourself — because once the Azaleas bloom, they completely steal the stage!

Rhododendrons, Roses, and Crepe Myrtles will provide us with some color through the warmer months as the heat index rises and less hardy plants ease into a kind of hot weather hibernation.

Spring in NC is a sight to behold. The Universe completely out does Herself with the colors, shapes, and styles of beauty — wild and domesticated — just for our viewing pleasure. Well — for us and the bees.

Everything in Her World has a place, a function, a link in The Circle Of Life.

Humans forget that part. We are self-absorbed creatures on a good day, destructive ones on a bad day.

Bees are the reason we have such beauty in Our World. They are the reason we have fruit on our trees, food in our fields, honey in our tea.

Is it a quirk in the English language that the word ‘be’ according to Webster means to have existence? Would we not exist without the ‘bee’?

She has made these tiny creatures the lynchpin for the survival of so many other species on Earth.

As all of Life awakens after Her Long Winter’s Nap — remember to be cognizant of The Circle Of Life. And to be gentle to all of Her Creatures with whom we share this Journey — the great and the small. We need them all.


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