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Tonight as I was coming home from work a white car sped by me on the right. Not only on the right — but it was on the shoulder of the road. And it was hauling ass.

Less than half a mile later blue lights appeared behind me in the rush hour madness which is my daily commute home and we parted the sea of metal to allow four police cars through to follow the perpetrator. At an equally disturbing speed.

Another few minutes found me repeating the drill as three more police cars joined their comrades in pursuit.

As I drove home a curious thing happened. I replayed all the thoughts which had gone through my mind from beginning to end of the whole scenario. I realized that the truth of the situation had not even been close to being on my radar.

I’m a nurse — when I see anyone running — it’s because there is a medical emergency. My first thought as I saw that white car speed by me was they were on the way to a hospital. Woman in labor, child in need of medical care— something of that nature and I was most of the way through a blessing for the safety of the people in the vehicle involved before the blue lights popped up in my rearview mirror.


Because now it made more sense as to why the speeding white car drove at breakneck speed right past the exit to the nearest hospital.

But Human nature being what it is — we will tell the story to fit the facts according to our own life experiences. We will bend them and shape them and make it all squeeze into Our Boxes. We will fill in the gaps with what is Our Story. Our notions. Our traumas and Our joys. Our lens.

Truth be damned.

As I watched the second set of police cars speed by, I was still sending a protective blessing out to The Universe — however, now it included not only the people in the white car, but it also included the police officers and every single Human who crossed the path of The Chase.

But the moral of the story here is simple. Life is not simple. And it is rarely what it seems. We look at it through our own personal bias — many times without all the facts. Then we take that position we’ve formed and call it Fact. And defend it to the death.

Which is downright ridiculous and this process, at times, leads us into corners we can’t escape from.

We, then, become downright ridiculous.

As ridiculous as me thinking the getaway car from an armed robbery involved in a high-speed chase was actually carrying a pregnant woman and her driver to the hospital for an emergency birth.

My Life. My Lens. My Bias. My Experience. My Story. My Reality. But it is not necessarily The Truth or based on Fact.

Remember this the next time someone disagrees with you.

Their Life. Their Lens. Their Bias. Their Experience. Their Story. Their Reality. But it is not necessarily The Truth or based on Fact.

My plan going forward is to wait and see before I form opinions and jump to conclusions. Blue lights or baby? Time will tell.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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