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We never know who is watching Our Life — who sees us and who is affected by The Real Us.

Authenticity is its own reward. As we Become — we find Peace and Love replace Chaos and Drama. The decisions and choices we make come easier and are based on a different scorecard.

However, what I didn’t recognize until much later — in fact, just recently — was how My Journey affects Other Humans’ Journey.

Just as surely as the toxins which are thrown into the airwaves and on social media help to stir up the shit show of bad mojo — Our Journey through the swamp to Peace and Love sends counter vibrations. It might be The Antidote The World needs so desperately.

Other Humans are tuned to Our Vibe. They watch us. They see us. We positively affect them. They want what we’re having.

Even when we are completely unaware of it.

The Universe has blessed me with not one, not two, but THREE conversations about this in these last couple days. Because three is a holy, sacred number, so I had to pay attention. The message was clear.

Not only in My Now — but also through all of My Pain and struggles going back to that hell known as high school — Humans watched me. And saw me. And took something away from My Life to apply to their own. A Light, a Walking Stick, a Way To Lessen The Load, an Attitude To Just Keep Walking. Some one thing to help them get the hell out of their swamp.

This knowledge is profound.

Most of us are so caught up in Our Lives — we struggle so much with Our Swamps and Demons — we never realize The Heroes and The Gifts we are to Those Who Watch.

Every time we are the calm in the storm, every time we practice self-care, every time we choose Love — someone is watching us. Someone is learning from us. Someone is leaving The Dark side.

And right now- The Resistance needs all the warm bodies it can get.


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