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Thanks to Victoria Ponte — I have had this topic to ponder for the last couple days.

Everyone has a Bucket List it is said. A long list of All. Things. Things they want to do/see/experience with their life. An itinerary for Life On Planet Earth.

My spiritual belief system has evolved since my divorce nearly ten years ago. With each emotional and physical struggle I faced and came out of — I began to feel the edges of My Life and see where my next footfall might be on The Journey.

I stepped out of chaos. I learned to let The Universe lead me.

With this attitude — one of allowing — the most marvelous adventures appeared. The most serendipitous of events occurred. The most interesting of characters befriended me. The most gracious of blessings poured down upon me.

All because I stopped struggling. Like a Chinese finger puzzle — when I relaxed into the ‘Game’ of Life — it released me and this freedom brought with it a wondrous gift.

The dying man I loved had a Bucket List. With desperation, he wanted to write a book, visit his beloved Denver — maybe even move back there, experience all of Life over again with the fresh perspective of one who understands the gift of Time. His bucket list was a Whole Life Re-do.

I realized through my faith in The Universe, I am right where I want/need to be. When I ponder My Past — I don’t want a Whole Life Re-do, in fact, I shudder at the thought of it.

When I think about My Future — I don’t have a to-do list. It’s a strange feeling to know I’m perfectly ok waking up each day and letting Her do Her Best Stuff.

The Universe is the one pouring things into my Bucket for quite some time now. When She gives me the opportunity to pull out an experience — I go with it. It is always amazing and phenomenal in ways I would have never, could have never planned for.

She arranges All. The. Things. I just say “Yes.” To What is offered. “Yes” to My Life. “Yes” to Her.

How does that work exactly?

Case in point: Five years ago I got invited to go to Alaska when a friend’s mom bowed out shortly before they were scheduled to leave. Alaska. I had dreamed of going — but I had no clue, no plan, no idea how I would ever get there. And then — literally out of nowhere — a long lost childhood friend I had reconnected with after my divorce invites me on this most awesome adventure.

A while later — my BFF decides she needs a cruise buddy — am I in? Is my passport photo a piece of shit? Of course, I am!

And then there was this: “Want to learn to ride a motorcycle, Ann? I’m thinking of taking the course over at the college next month. I’ll sign up if you will!” — dared my co-worker. And the rest, as they say, is history.

And when I say “Yes” — know this. The process is seamless. Seamless. I have such good travel mojo — it’s not even on my radar to consider All. The. Things. which happen to Other People when they attempt to get from Point A to Point B. I’ve flown so many miles I’ve lost count — without so much as a single hiccup.

My Life is so much better left to chance. Thoughts become Things. I have learned to feel what I feel — longing for a bit of a getaway, missing a far off friend, wanting to hear my grandchild’s voice, needing the feel of sand under my feet. Feel the feelings … and to leave the details to Her.

She never fails to provide what I will love and then some — with an experience far beyond what I could have put together with my mere mortal powers.

If today was my last day in this world — I’d be okay. Because I’ve done the most important thing one does with one’s Life. And that is to make sure those you Love know you Love them. Deeply. Completely. Without conditions. You love them because they exist.

Everything after Love — is a bonus.


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