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This relationship business is interesting stuff, I have to say.

Its been a very long time since the “R” word graced my life and I’ve had a couple of insights I’d like to share.

I am really loving the fresh flowers thing. They aren’t roses, we aren’t a roses kind of couple. We are fresh market flowers. A mismatched bouquet of beautiful colors and different types of flowers put together in a vase which thrive and bring peace and a sense of calm to their environment. New batches arrive at regular intervals…just because he enjoys seeing the look on my face when he hands them to me.

I was having trouble arranging a locksmith to fix my broken front door lock last weekend. This lovely man offered to help me out with that. I haven’t had a someone to help with the little things since God knows when. And while I managed to sort it out on my own, the offer of assistance felt like a safety net under my tight rope.

Driving home from work tonight I realized that if something untold happened to me, someone would take note. Not just tomorrow or on Monday when I didn’t happen to show up for work, but nearly right away. There is now a person in my life with whom I have regular contact. A someone who would know if something is awry. Not a friend with their own life, and people and places to be, but MY someone. I exhaled a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.

And then tonight, in light of the impending hurricane’s arrival, he offered to pick me up ‘hurricane supplies’ when he stopped by the store and procured his own. In all the twenty-three hurricane seasons I’ve lived in North Carolina, no one has offered to fetch me ‘hurricane supplies’.

And the most interesting thing. I am somehow still myself. As I have slowly become a part of this ‘couple’, we have both managed to remain individuals. I like that most about this relationship. I know he likes me just as I am. And that freedom — to be seen as you are, and cared about — just as you are — can not be adequately described.

White Knights don’t ride horses. They drive Hondas. And they don’t carry glass slippers. They bring you bottled water.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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