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My blender is well over twenty years old. I know this because twenty-five years plus ago I bought it when I lived in Harpursville NY to make Pina Coladas with my sister in law. They completely kicked ass — those adult milkshakes. That blender is magic.

My living room furniture is probably pushing twelve years old. But for leather furniture — that’s a chip shot. It’s only in its adolescence.

I have a bentwood rocker my father gave me the summer before my older daughter was born. It’s the oldest piece of furniture I can claim. My ex-husband tried to convince to get me to get rid of it for years. It’s thirty-nine now. BTW I might still have the rocker, however, the ex-husband and I parted company nearly a decade ago.

My motorcycle — The Cold Blooded Bastard — is well past legal drinking age. My Beloved Camry — Ruby — just went in for her 100K checkup.

Even my TV is eight years old. And not the least bit smart. In tech terms, it is completely elderly and a bit demented!

As you can see — I am not a new is bigger, better, brighter kind of woman. I only have things I love. And then — I keep them. For as long as possible. Because I like to buy things once. Not over and over and over.

I am not sure what quirk in my make-up leads me to embrace the few possessions I have and to shun the acquisition of More Shit. It isn’t even that I am sentimental. In fact, I am far from it. I am a practical sort right down to the soles of my nearly forty-year-old twice re-soled Frye boots.

I have an inherent belief in filling Your Life with Quality not Quantity. Not wasting your energy, joy, love, or time on that which simply passes through. Be that of the human, chore, task, quest, or inanimate object nature.

Remove all the nick-nacks and tid-bits from your surroundings. Focus on the substance. Hold onto that which serves you. And Let go of all the rest. See what remains.

For me, it’s the comfort of well-worn leather boots and furniture. Red motorcycles and cars broke in just right. A bentwood rocker which rocked 5 babies and still creaks lullabies to soothe my nerves. Appliances that work when I hit the ‘On’ button — whether it’s to make a pina colada or watch NCIS. Every. Single. Time.

Find your Bliss. Lose the Shit. Feather your nest with all that brings you True Comfort and Joy. Never apologize for being your Real Self.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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