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How Dare I!

Who was I to take up so much space?

Who was I to be authentic?

Who was I to be ME?

How Dare I!

How many trials had I sat through?

How much smoke had I inhaled?

What had I endured that gave ME the right?

How Dare I!

Had I ever walked the lands?

Any of the lands where the Goddess lived?

Where the Spirits walked?

Where Namaste was spoken?

How Dare I!

How Dare I Become!

How Dare I Speak!

How Dare I Be!

How Dare I!

I dare because I do not defend My Life to accusers.

I Dare, I Become, I Speak, I Am — by Her Grace.

Life is an echo and what flows out, flows back. Times Three.

So — I will not send ill-will to those who accuse and judge.

I will lay blessings upon their fear-laden hearts.

May they go out into their lives and one day find the courage to DARE!


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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