Thanks! Nice to know you wouldn’t tuck tail and run! I grew up in Red Neck, PA. Still shoot a mean game of pool. I own cowboy boots (still) and am actually a pretty decent shot. But you describing where you live now took me for a stroll down memory lane.

I’ve embraced my gray hair. The purple makes my grand kids (and me) happy.

Bars come in all flavors. I ride a motorcycle and biker bars can go either way. I’ve been to some that are great with fabulous music. So — if you go back out there start be cautious. My local favorite from these stories is a wing place that’s a local chain but has a neighborhood feel. The key is always the bartender. If you find a good bartender you’re golden. I like hockey and live music so those are a must too.

Good luck! Keep me posted if you venture out again! Life is pretty awesome- and the beer is cold! 😉. You should drink it down.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned