Thank you Tim! When I got into work - I found that my 'desk' not only held photos of my grandkids and some old (very old) boxes of GS cookies - but also gifts from patients & co-workers.

I have had a 'den' in my home since I moved in. My desk here is beatiful with a most comfortable chair. But also plants, a recliner (reading chair) and barrister bookcase. My son-in-law refers to it as The Zen Den because the walls are also brown and when you walk in - it's very calm & feels like an 'anti-office' space.

My office at work was one small room - redesigned to fit 5 cubicles. We were assigned our offices to correspond with our clinics so that not all 5 of us are in there at the same time. Mostly.

But I had great officemates and when we were together someone would throw on some music or pull up a youtube video of Monty Python when the days were long.

I think COVID has changed a lot about how every corporation/facility looks at 'office' space. For so many of us - they are unneccessay.

I'm heading to see my family for Thanksgiving. After that - well - I don't really have to make a schedule these days. And just sleeping in with the alarm clock off was the best!

As always Tim, thanks for reading & commenting. I enjoy chatting so much!

Have a wonderful day!

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