Thank you so much for sharing such deep and personal experiences. Each one of us has pain and personal challenges in this life. No one I have ever spoken with escapes bearing their cross. No. One. Surviving your Now when you down in the swamp of it all takes great courage just to put one foot in front of the other. Learn the lesson — the only way out is through. Even when the muck of it pulls at your feet and you see no forward progress at all. One day — the day is here — in just one day — it can all change. And does all change.

I am always amazed at that. The way Life turns on a dime. But that is its nature.

I can share that Life is always better when you choose Love. When you practice kindness. Lately I’ve been helped greatly by reading Adam, Diabetic Cyborg’s nearly daily post on Buddhist philosophy.

The Universe is whispering in my ear — to remind you to take care of yourself as well. Time out — for the things you enjoy in life — a massage — a class about something you always wanted to learn — time spent in nature to refuel. Some one thing on a regular so that Your Soul knows that you love you.

Many blessings dear friend. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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