Thank you My Friend. The pups of the Alpha pair are raised by the entire pack. There are designated baby sitters — usually as you said The Beta Female — which BTW — The Pack also feeds. No Wolf Left Behind. :)

I also love the role of the Omega Wolf. For a long time researchers thought this wolf ‘position’ was a negative place to be. The Omega is frequently seen as a ‘target’ of the pack’s aggression. Until they watched closer. Because Humans are arrogant and apply our own social standards to All. The. Things.

In fact, The Omega Wolf in a pack works much like a court jester to diffuse tensions. He/She will inset themselves between wolves who have become aggressive to each other for no good reason and quiet tempers. Because it works and the other members might engage The Omega — but they don’t come to harm — researchers are now rethinking The Omega’s Pack status. They aren’t looking at them as low man on the totem pole. But rather a submissive who does the job of leaching off too much Alpha energy within The Pack and thus allows the status of each member in place by diversion.

The Court Jester of The Wolf world. :)

My dog who was The Dog in My Life helped me raise my children. And when my older daughter was gravely ill in the hospital — The Dog died at age 15. After that my daughter quickly recovered. I have often wondered if she gave her life for her Pack. So that her girl could stay with us. She was The Dog. The Best Dog. Of course, everyone thinks that about their dogs. And no one is wrong. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned