Thank you Louise - but you also make an excellent observation. Life is about the story we tell ourselves. After my divorce at age 50 - I revelled in my freedom. Even in the throes of menopause - I was entirely relieved that The End of my life-long painful menses were coming to a halt. Hot flashes and mood swings be damned! I was about to be FREE. I did not tell myself I was getting old - past prime - unattrative to the males of the species. I was free. As I have aged another decade since - I maintain that attitude. And expand upon it. As an old white woman living in The South - I am always amazed that the respect given to me simply by my skin tone and my perceived age. That is until I open my mouth - the one where the filters melted with the hot flashes! Then I think respected turns to feared. And I'm ok with that too!

Thank you so much as always! I love to read your responses. You offer so much wisdom and insight to any piece you reply to. I appreciate that so much. Many blessings! Please be safe! <3

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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