Thank you Jim! I will be. I’m an old hat at Hurricanes & Hurricane preparedness. 24 years in NC — has seen me through quite a few. Plus I’m over 150 miles inland which helps and mid-state is much higher ground than sea level. Though my dream is someday to be AT sea level. I think when you live there — at sea level you have to learn to be completely unattached to all your possessions and be willing to abandon your life and your home at any given moment from June 1 — November 1 in case something like this blows your way. That’s a huge ask of a human. As I look around my home — I know I’m not there yet. This was a good litmus test for me. But living next to Where Live Began is worth the price for most. Right now, I’ll stay a voyeur to that feeling. Stay tuned!!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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