Thank you Friend! To be honest — I stopped wearing a watch — and most other jewelry back in 2001 when I started my OR nursing career. I was taught to ‘scrub’ into cases & as such couldn’t be wearing anything on my hands or arms. An OR nurse doesn’t need a watch with a second hand like an ICU nurse does. The only time I ever wore a watch consistently was when I’d go on cruises because you HAD to be back from port on time or the ship would leave without you! :)

I choose the Fitbit as my retirement gift from the state because my daughter got an Apple Watch for Christmas and it had a lot of cool data which helped her in her health journey. For her getting enough sleep with 3 kids 10 & under is a challenge. The data helped her pinpoint what was happening with that so she started winding down sooner.

My Fitbit has a meditation program on it which is nice to listen to when I’m walking (only one ear bud in — and on a track). It also keeps track — easily — of my water intake. I used to keep a gallon out on the counter every morning & try to finish it by evening — but now I can just log cups & glasses full. In the morning I tend to sit for a couple hours and write. I like that the alarm reminds me to get up & move around so I get at least 250 steps in every hour from 9 AM — 6 PM. I love me some gadgets (that’s my father’s DNA talking) and since I don’t play with All. The. Things in the OR anymore — this is kinda fun.

It took me about 2 weeks to get used to wearing it. But I still can’t wear it to sleep in like my daughter does.

I understand that life out of the harness feeling! OH MY! It is sooo great! My roommate (actually almost all my friends) are quite jealous that I am free. I just love having the Time and loosing the frenzy.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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