Thank you for the reminder that kind, respectful, intelligent men exist. I just want to assure you, however, that if you aren't in the minority of the male gender - it's at least a 50/50 split for most women & their interaction with the male species. Men who are NOT kind, respectful, or intelligent approach women with unsolicited attention a lot. If all men had your attitude, we would be safe walking any place, any time. However, even though there are plenty of kind, respectful, intelligent men in the world - we can't tell if you are on the side of angels right up front by looking at you. Therefore - most women are generally cautious of interactions wtih men. And we tell each other tales of pain and terror not to paint all men with a single stroke but to warn our sisters that wolves often come in sheep's clothing.

I know many kind, respectful, intelligent men. My Best Friend and sons-in-law to name just a few. One of my very best childhood friend for nearly 50 years is male. And they give me the same advice about their gender. Be careful. Always be on guard. Don't trust strangers. Because they understand - they are not a majority in their gender.

I also noted that only good men were surprised by the stories that came to light in the #metoo reveals. All women knew what happened and were not suprised. All abusers knew what was going on and were not surprised. Only good men who would never harm or harass a woman seemed shocked at what my gender has endured. Please be proud of your moral fiber that you can't imagine behaving as such to a woman. But also be supportive knowing a lot of men are not anything like you.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned