Thank you for that! Actually — I started in with the purple at a family reunion as a Tribal initiation with the women of my family. My cousin had All. The. Colors — as we grow into crones — we do this — add color. Even the younger set will — as we have a fair number of Wise Women in thier 30s & 40s too. I couldn’t decide on a color — they were all lovely. My middle granddaughter decided for me. As I was pondering — my phone rang & I asked her, “ Nana is going to put a rainbow color in her hair — what color should I make it?” — “Oh Nana! Make it purple — its my favorite!” And so it was. When my stylist saw it — he asked me if I liked it — I said yes — and he clapped. From that moment on 3 years ago — he has made me purple. Actually 3 different purples — so it looks ‘natural’. LOL.

And my now 6 year old granddaughter has moved on to Teal as her favorite color — but her baby sister loves purple.

In truth — I love the purple. And you’re right — for all the reasons above. When I looked around My Life — I found I had a lot of purple stuff even prior to becoming Purple. My phone case was purple even. LOL

Thank you for the great response! And for reading! I am so grateful and honored that people take the time. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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