Thank you for all that Dana. When I first started writing on Medium — over 2 years ago now — I was very sick. Asthma had kicked my ass — yet again. But I knew I wanted to write and The Universe & I had a chat. Me sitting on my couch barely able to move without getting short of breath and Her getting my attention in the only way that ever worked — ie — knocking me on my ass.

I cut a deal with Her — because She is a very reasonable sort. I stopped being pissed of at Her — The World — Men (especially men) — and let go of the hurt, anger, madness I had been cuddling up with for decades. I would write and heal. BUT — I had to put out good vibes. The world was already full of enough shit and toxins. I had to keep it positive. Her Words.

So even when my Humanity slips in and I AM PISSED about something — I gotta find a way to see the lesson, the silver lining, The Thing She wants me — all of us to see. And when I do — the piece comes together.

She humors my Dark Side when I dive into fiction. I am ‘allowed’ to kill off anyone I chose and meter out justice as I see fit. Annie Littlewolf was my mentor in murder — and man, is it FUN! LOL

I am still on FB — but I use their algorithm for good not evil. My feed is full of ads for mala beads & yoga retreats. I hide all things political and every single thing that has to do with a humane society. No lie. I repost inspirations messsages that I am sure come straight from The Universe Herself.

But again, Thank you so much Dana for your kind words and encouragement. They mean more to me than I can express.

Many blessings to you! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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