Thank you! It is so reassuring to read your words ❤ That first session was incredibly difficult — I was completely unprepared for all the emotions which came with the physical work.

I have never been a ‘good singer’ as much as I enjoyed it. I am hoping this might be Her way of fulfilling a long buried desire — to find a Voice to sing publically with. She always finds a way to a dream — even a long suppressed and forgotten one it seems when Her time is right.

Someone I love dearly visited last week and I noticed my voice was much improved. We had laughed the week away. Laughter — it seemed — was my magic potion — the true medicine. It wasn’t just chuckles — it was loud and constant and throat and lung clearing belly laughs.. daily.

And a good lesson as well. I can remember this — to be patient and laugh. Because healing CAN also be fun. I am sure I will need all the Joy I can muster when I finally get to that place — where my voice was bartered away for acceptance and false love.

I am so grateful for your response Dear Friend. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned