Thank you! I was a bit concerned some might think I'm giving them financial advice - but the real lesson I'm trying to impart is that each person should examine their lives and notice how much working is truly costing them. When my daughter did the math - she figured that her whole paycheck basically went into the expense of her working. Because her commuting expense was horrific and childcare is not cheap. She started her own business out of her basement and has never looked back.

I was shocked at how easy my transition was. My job for over 26 years has been soul crushing. I put it down without a second thought - and while I still am a licensed nurse with CPR certification in good standing for the next couple years - I would eat ramien noodles everyday rather than have to step back on the hamster wheel.

I know financially many struggle. I was blessed with the opportunity for working at a facility that is state run and I was a state employee for all those 26 years. I wasn't usually paid as much as the private facilities in the area paid their nurses - but the benefits for retirement were vast.

I understand all those 'other' benefits as well. Liberated is an excellent word. I couldn't agree with you more - retirement was one of my best decisions.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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