Thank you! That’s kind of kismet! I’m betting mine is still as gnarly. Women have birthed babies through smaller scars than I have. No one said it out loud — but now that I’m a nurse, I’m pretty certain I had peritonitis post-op. Hence the horrid drain and scar as well. When I asked my father why my stomach looked like Dr. Frankenstein had operated on my after I woke up — he said, “The surgeon had big hands”

My father was not really parent material.

As an OR nurse — in a teaching hospital — I have put youtube videos up on the portable monitors (where the surgeons do laparoscopic surgery) and played the instructions to trouble shoot various equipment for them with a vendor also on speaker phone going through things with them and the scrub person if we’ve run into an issue during a case.

Appendectomies take MINUTES these days! It takes the anesthesia MD longer to put you to sleep and for the team to close your incisions than the actual surgery! WOW — that’s a really long time. I’ve done heart surgeries in less time than that!

Thanks for the kind words. Always appreciated ❤



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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