Today was a day for pulling together. And we did. Completely. Amazingly. Without temper tantrums. Without grumping. Knowing full well being fed or getting a bathroom break was likely not in the cards. We just put our heads down and did what needed doing.

It turned out better than any of us thought it would in the end, because of that team work. At the end of the day there were smiles and laughs and hugs. Slaps on the backs and near giddiness. The boss was handing out Reese’s cups like they were gold medals and let me tell you what — I ate four.

We were great again. We have always been pretty good, with moments of great. But the last two years saw us under the gun as services were moved around and various other internal challenges lead to staff having hours cut, cases being moved to a sister hospital, and overall disarray as the dust settled. I think we all wondered if we had lost our cohesion.

The answer is no. Wait — HELL NO.

I work with some of the finest and most caring humans on the planet. I am honored every day to count them not only as coworkers, but also as friends. Thank you for today. For the vibe, for the spirit, for the time out of time that was today.

We still got it.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned