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For those of you who might be wondering. Word Porn on FB has become my new muse.

But I digress.

I am also afflicted with this malady. I have a severe and chronic case of it.

Thankfully later tonight I will be attending the wedding of a friend and I will find some relief. I have been assured by those in the know there will be rounds of Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle to take the edge off. A decent DJ has been procured and with luck, a conga line of We Are Family will shimmy and shake around the reception hall for way too many choruses until it’s just the bridal party and a few die-hards improvising our best moves.

Apparently, it is also genetic. My younger daughter has a very bad case of it and has passed it on to all three of my granddaughters. Whenever we get together — the Baby Shark CD is turned up LOUD — and it is ON!

In the Sufi tradition, the Mevlevi perform dhikr during Sama as a mystical journey on Their Path to The Divine. It’s not just to burn calories, show off their best moves, or pick up potential mates. They are on a Mission From God — To God.

Have you ever seen a couple who knew what they were doing and were deeply in love float around a ballroom? I have. One of my surgeons married the partner who competed with him in many different genres. They moved like they were One Being and left vibrations of Love in their wake. Swirls of it just filling the void with every rumba step, every pirouette, every cha-cha they did.

Movement to music — it connects Your Body with Your Soul. It rewires your brain, your mood, your heart. It teaches you to listen with all your cells — not just your ears — it ignites your intuition. It shows us how to let go — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Dancing sends a beacon out and connects us. Have you ever noticed how it just takes One Person to start it all? Next thing you know — everyone is on the dance floor instead of sitting at their seat tapping their foot or bouncing their knee.

I am The One Person. I will always be The First One on the dance floor. The Second One in the conga line behind the bride. The One In The Front of the line dances.

Because no matter how or why you do it — moving to The Music — any music — does way more good for us than we think.

Let’s Dance!


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