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When I come home from work — there are no Humans to share My Life with.

There is only My Silent Home. And The Plants.

If I am off work — like I am now for the weekend — I can go days without speaking to another Soul.

Some might find this disconcerting — the extroverts among us. But this was how I began to realize even though I test out as an 8 on the Enneagram scale, I am an introvert. One of those extroverted introverts. Because know this — I am also The Life Of The Party. Any Party — just pick one.

However, if I am around other Humans too long — or have to talk to other Humans too long — or otherwise interact with other Humans — I require downtime.

I am also never, ever lonely.

As soon as I became single, I began going out alone. Some of My Best Dates were dates where I’ve taken myself out.

Just me.

I travel alone as well. Perfectly content to chat with my fellow passengers on the plane or make new friends at my destination. Never having a fear or any anxiety about the trip. And that piece is — because I’ve suffered from anxiety nearly My Whole Life. Stable Humans get stressed about traveling, not me. I get stressed if I get away on my own on a regular.

I would also ride my motorcycle alone. Oh, I tried riding with a group before but it was annoying. Being part of a social encounter while on a motorcycle was a skill set I just didn’t see any use for so I refused to cultivate it. Too much like work and I was riding for .

Due to my severe allergies and asthma — pets are out as well.

So it’s just The Plants and me.

Thankfully, they are excellent listeners. By the time I get done venting to them — I have found the piece to the puzzle I didn’t see and I can make it all fit. My Life flows with less turbulence.

They do not show the proper enthusiasm, however, for My Wins, My Triumphs, My Very, Very Good Days. Only another Human can do that.

Thankfully, I have the Love and Support of an extensive Tribe to be there for me. I have also learned to be my own cheerleader.

I have learned to quiet The Inner Critic and listen to Love which lives inside My Heart. I have made friends with My Shadows and allowed Their Wisdom into My Life.

I have listened and learned self-care from The Plants. Grow with adequate hydration. Rest when it’s dark. Turn towards the sun.

And it’s okay to get by with a little help from your friends.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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