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I was tagged by Sherry Mayle. I love these things. I am always “Most Likely To Play”. So here we go!

Here are the questions inquiring minds want to know:

  1. Starting with a softball question: Who’s your favorite writer?

I have too many to count. I have different moods. I read so many different genres. IRL — Pema Chodron is who I’m working on right now and always a favorite. Here on Medium — I read every single thing Jessica Wildfire writes. I love White Feather, Jack Herlocker & Jack Preston King. I start my day with Adam, Diabetic Cyborg & my daily dose of Buddhist philosophy. If you’re talking IRL fiction — I completely adore Charlaine Harris of True Blood fame. JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling — sensing a theme here? I’m either down in the dirt working out the big questions in Life or I’m hiding in some other fantasy world.

2. If you found out that writer was secretly awful, would you still like their art?

Yes. Because I also feel that way about musicians. Leonard Cohen is a perfect example. He apparently left a long line of broken hearts and was quite the Bad Boy in his day. But I have loved his music forever. Sometimes art comes from dark places. Jackson Browne is another favorite and we kind of all know who he was. But damn — I love his music.

3. If someone told you they’d really seen aliens and wanted your help, what would you do? (Asking for a friend.)

I would help but only if I knew them really well or if they were Jack Preston King.

4. What’s your favorite TV show? I’ve watched everything and am looking for entertainment because I’m a bottomless pit.

Though I rarely watch TV — I recently found Jack Ryan on Amazon. Also, love Grace & Frankie — and Call The Midwife. I usually just binge watch something when I’m having an episode of asthma/bronchitis.

5. Do you practice mindfulness in some form?

Meditation and yoga. All the time. Otherwise, I’d be a complete and total bitch.

6. What’s the most revealing thing you’re willing to share about yourself because you realize the ego is just a construct?

Ah — that would be telling. If you want to know about me — you should read my blog. It’s all in there. My hopes/dreams/fears/demons. My ups and downs and all arounds. If you’ve read my stuff — you already know about me.

7. How do we make the world more peaceful?

By making our inner landscape more peaceful. Let peace begin with me.

8. What do you think love is for?

Love saves us all.

9. What’s the best article you’ve read on Medium in the last month?

I read so much I can’t even begin to answer this question. I can tell you the best thing I read today was Jessica Wildfire’s new piece. But the day is young.

10. If you had to get out your phone and send an email of gratitude right now, who would you send it to and what would it say?

I send gratitude out every day. Usually, before I even get out of bed. There’s a direct line to Her for All. The. Things. My blessings are legend. No internet connection required. So much in My Life could have gone either way — but didn’t. And all the shit storms and swamps I walked through led me to this place. I am grateful for every single second of My Life. And every human She placed in it along the way. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Now at this point — I’m supposed to tag my favorite people because this is one of those kinds of things. But I’m not going to. I am the place where stuff like this comes to die. I suppose that’s the best answer to question #6.

If you’ve read this and would like to have a go & let us know about yourself — please do so. AND tag me because I would love to know more about the folks who read my stuff.

Otherwise — you are free to move about the website free of guilt.


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