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I was tagged a second time — with more fun questions by Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol. Here are my answers. As before — if you read this and want to play — please do! The only rule is you have to include my name in there someplace so I get to read your answers. :)

  1. Who was your favorite character in Star Wars series of films? Princess Leia. Once she grabbed Han’s gun and shot that vent out and saved them — I knew she was no Disney Princess. She just got better and better with age.
  2. What is your favorite poem ever? The Journey by Mary Oliver. I read it every day when I was going through my divorce and post-divorce swamp.
  3. What color do you mostly wear in summer? Black
  4. What color do you mostly wear in winter? Black — What? I’m a witch… so sue me.
  5. What would you most like to change in your family right now? Not. One. Damn. Thing. We’re good. I don’t meddle with the Plans of The Universe. She’s got the big picture.
  6. how do you feel about rain? I love rain. As someone with allergies — rain = clean air.
  7. what do you do when you see a worm washed up on the pavement? If it’s alive and still raining — I leave it be. It came out of the ground because it’s tunnels flooded. If it’s stopped raining, I’ll put it back on the grass. If it’s dead — I say a prayer for its soul. I do that for roadkill as well.
  8. what question would you most like to be asked that I or anyone else has not thought of? “What do you think happens after we die & why?” — I haven’t seen that one. :)

BTW — I have decided to tag someone. Julia E Hubbel — this ones for you. ❤ So whenever you butt lands back in the States — inquiring minds need to know!


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