Such a beautiful teaching Dear Friend ❤ Kindly applied with so much wisdom. You speak eloquently of the shift — it is ever so unconscious even — once you begin to practice meditation (and yoga for me as well). The ripples which permeate the rest of Life.

It has taken me nearly a decade to lose my ‘thirst’. A very expensive bottle of tequila sits nearly untouched in my fridge waiting to be shared in celebration on special occasions with special friends. Not to be turned to in times of angst.

I have other tools to find my feet these days. Better tools which allow me to ‘feel’ safely. I no longer seek the numbness of The Drink.

Many Blessings! Thank you for putting it into words and sharing this wisdom. I always enjoy your writings so very much. Much peace to you Dear One.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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