Some times you just have to let other people be wrong.

Now. You can apply that sentence anyway you like. You can be the person who is about rampage about a story you read and has an opinion on it you disagree with. OR you can be the writer who takes the bait.

I have taken this tact on all social media outlets — and why even my FB page is pleasant.

I do not debate. I’m 60 years old. I got my opinions the hard way by living my life and taking my lumps. You can educate me & I’ll listen. But if you attempt to ‘debate’ with me — this conversation will not even get started.

But the coolest thing — I don’t care what your opinions are. It works both ways. I will not attempt to evangelize you to my way of thinking either. I write- if you like it great. If you don’t — stop reading my shit.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned