So- my rule of thumb — if it has more than 4 or 5 ingredients or I can’t pronounce any of them — I don’t buy it. READ LABELS. I subscribe to what amounts to my local farmer’s market delivery service and eat what’s #1 organic — #2 in season — #3 locally grown by small farmers. Everyone wins. Moderation is the key — you want a beer — have a beer. NOT A CASE A WEEK. You want ice cream — GREAT — don’t sit down with the whole 1/2 gallon & a spoon.

I’ve also done yoga for nearly 20 years, hike, and walk my ass off. You can be fit without sweating. I promise. I may have an extra 10# but I’m still a size 8.

But more importantly — my B/P, cholesterol, and all other indicators for general health is good — asthma aside.

Mindfulness is important in all things. If you don’t enjoy it — don’t eat it. If you don’t enjoy doing it — don’t do it. But you can find stuff out there that’s good for you that’s yummy and fun to do that will keep you moving.

Any one care to dance? Maybe with a snow shovel? LOL

Another great piece Julia! Loved it!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned