Small towns have their down sides too — of course. There is no privacy in a small town. LOL.However, the folks who call them home shouldn’t be paying such a heavy price because they love them. I miss many things about the way I grew up, the things around me that reminded me I was home. I hate that they are suffering and now this person has the gall to bad mouth them — as though they were just backward thinking peasants who refuse to get with the ‘program’. Their futures were taken away. They didn’t give them up. Or just sit back in a recliner and let the world pass them by. They were robbed. And just like Capitalists do all the time — the theives got away with it and blame the victim. Because being rich in this country not only makes you right — it makes you good. Better than poor or middle class.

And until that perspective changes — we will always have this problem.

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned