Skin hunger. It’s a real thing, and I feel it too. I have a friend who is a Shaman. She says the human body needs 12 hugs a day to be healthy. Its vital for our emotional and physical well being to touch other humans. Physical Touch is my Love Language so I am doubled down on that one. But for me — emotionally — I can no longer deal with the emotional roller coaster of believing and hoping I might have found a someone who finds me acceptable company only to be rejected in a few days or weeks. Or just as bad — to have someone who wants to suck the life out of me by attempting to cage me, control me, over run my life and suck all the emotion out of me to fill their void. Up to this point I have attracted the walking wounded. I hope that they are more healed from their time with me, but I can’t be sure with some.

I am weary of the dance that leaves me on the dance floor alone with the music still playing. So I have decided to just chose my own tunes. Dance alone in my own world. Or with my friends. And live with the skin hunger as I can.

The price I pay for peace of mind.

Thank you for your response Tim. I hope you find a someone worthy of your kindness. And your pup. :)

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned