Shift & Change, Morph & Grow

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

We never stay the same. We can look back at Our Life and see all the times we’ve let go of something or started over.

I used to ride horses. I used to be an OR nurse. I used to be married. I used to run. I used to drive a stick.

Currently, there are other things in My Now which I’m looking at — weighing their worth to My Life. The simple question being — Do I want to keep doing this?

We get to change our minds. We get to decide who we are. We get to write our own stories.

We are get to buy the car with an automatic transmission.

As we walk on The Path which is Our Life we discover who we are — daily. We literally become different people along the way. Age/space/time all affect us and mold us.

We pick up new hobbies and let go of things we once ‘loved’ to do. And just like that, we realize a small mosaic of how we defined ourselves has morphed or dropped out of the picture altogether.

Humans are fluid beings. We are part of The Natural World even though we are loath to admit it. We flow like Water from one place to the next — taking the shape of whatever might hold us. We burn like Fire — consuming and releasing energy in our wake. We shift like Earth — ever changing our physical structure to suit our current need. We float like Wind — our thoughts drifting from one belief to the next.

And we often find — much to our relief — once we move on from What Was to What Is — There’s No Going Back.


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