The Six of Swords

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Each day I pull a tarot card from a deck I just got a few months ago. I have used oracle cards for years — but now I feel drawn to learn the more complex language of tarot.

Today the card was the six of swords. A card of transformation — it encourages me to stop dwelling on what I have lost and look to the future. It is a card of hope as the craft on the card leaves behind tumultuous waters for a calmer sea.

Even though there is a somber tone to the card — a woman cloaked with her head bowed, a child snuggled up next to her for protection — the message of this card is one of Hope.

Ironically, I have been lamenting recently on relationships I’ve lost due to the political climate. Old emotional baggage I am attempting to resolve. This card’s message is clear. Simply let go. The baggage isn’t necessary for the voyage ahead. Pack light.

The Universe in Her great good wisdom is encouraging me to move on. We are not meant to carry All. The. Things. with us on our journeys. Many times the best advice we can receive is to leave it behind.

Shed the added weight. All that which is not serving you — it’s ok to let it go. Let it sink to the watery depths. Don’t let it hold you back or bring you down with its descent. Allow the current to carry it away and look forward to where you want to make landfall.

So I will begin, again. To let go. Over and over this exercise defines My Life. Letting go of what needs to go, what is too heavy to bear, what threatens to pull me under. Packing lighter. So the journey becomes less treacherous. Holding my inner child close and looking forward to placing my feet on solid ground.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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