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Pronouns. As a CIS-gendered Human Female who is closing in on her sixtieth birthday — how My Generation (damn Baby Boomers) described individuals was never given any thought. At. All.

Until it was.

For me — there have been many Ah-ha moments along The Path — but perhaps My Biggest Reveal in this department is when I think of The Divine. She is the Ultimate Gender Bender.

I was born and raised in a Catholic Church which denied My Divinity. The Church told me I had to work harder to interface with God — I wasn’t allowed into the exclusive club of alter-servers or priests. Nuns were bitter second class citizens — pretenders to The Throne of The Divine. Even as a small child I knew — this is fucked up. The Divine MADE women — you told me so — Why would He (The Great & Powerful Oz) punish half of Creation?

She/He/They wouldn’t. Only Humans pull that shit.

I had children. I became A Mother. And my belief in Hell evaporated. Just. Like. That. Fuck a God who would banish their children to eternal torment. What kind of Bat-Shit-Crazy parent pulls that shit?

Again, let me repeat for the people in the back — Only Humans pull that shit.

All the while some still small voice inside of me cheered. And grew. She found Her Power and began showing me My Own. Over time — years — decades — I realized who She was. Who She had always been.

I stopped being angry at a God who never existed. The White Man’s God was never someone/something I could embrace. He didn’t want me as I was — different — female — wounded. Human men had mistreated me and to worship a God in their image made me wretch with anxiety and shake with hatred.

I. Could. Not. Do. This. Ever.

She knew. She had been with me through it all. When I was a child, She had swept the abuser out of My Life with a serendipitous circumstance. She had saved me. She was there in The Tree I found solace in after My Mother’s death. She sent me Human after Human to care for me in light of my father’s immobility and grief. She was The Voice guiding me — “No — not this — this ‘feels’ wrong. Yes — THIS!” She taught me to use My Gifts and where My Superpowers were hidden.

I know Who She is. I know What She is capable of. I know She appears to me in the form I need — to find Her Divine presence in The World. Because The Universe is here for All Of Us. Around All Of Us. In All Of Us.

She is able to reach out to All Humans — where they are and be Whoever they need. Gay, Trans, Straight, Bi — The Universe knew you before you occupied Your Body. Before you existed with a gender — discovered a sexuality. She, Herself, is ageless, timeless, and beyond the reach of definition.

My Source, My Divinity — Your Source, Your Divinity — for ALL of Humanity— is the Ultimate They.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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