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Photo by Alex Suter on Unsplash

My friend Victoria wrote a beautiful piece and challenged us to come up with ways to help her grow a vision of peace in Our World.

I spend as much time as I can in Nature. Sitting alongside The Ocean is my very favorite place to be. Although walking amidst the trees is a very close second. I can feel the vibrations of The Earth and hear The Universe whisper larger truths.

Humanity has been given countless opportunities to get its head out of its ass. Messiahs and prophets — medicine men and holy women — saints and saviors. Yet — here we are. A stubborn, hateful lot determined to maim and destroy each other. Completely oblivious to The Beauty and Love which surrounds us.

We insist on labeling and seeing each other’s differences. We chose hate over love, easy over right, and money over kindness. Every. Fucking. Time.

Thousands of years of Human history — countless civilizations — all come to the same end. One of these times — there will not be a reboot. The Universe will simply say, “Enough”.

Then — and only then — will The Earth know Great Peace. Victoria’s hawks will be able to fly without concern. There will be no chemicals, no poachers, no endangered species lists — because the plague of Humanity upon The Earth will have run its course.

If we are extremely fortunate — we might be able to return — with wings of our own. As hawks. To peacefully soar on the updrafts and swirl and dance on with the clouds.

The Universe has Her plans. In the end — Gaia will survive. As She always has. Without Humanity.

But for today, for as long as I am here — I will remember Life is an echo. I desire Peace — so I become Peace. I desire Love — so I become Love. I desire Joy — so I become Joy.

Now is all we have. Live. Now.

“Yesterday is but a dream,
Tomorrow is only a vision.
But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” — Kālidāsa

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