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My older daughter is moving this month. I’ve been really lucky that one or the other of my kids have lived in my same area code for as long as I have been a mother of adult people.

But that is about to change. I’m about to be ‘on my own’. In the real world. Adulting with no one nearby who shares my DNA.

I am blessed many times over because as my daughters grew into these incredible women, they honored me by transitioning from being my child to becoming my friend. Having a true friendship with an adult child is one of the most rewarding relationships I have ever experienced.

My daughters are amazing humans. I am filled with love and respect and pride — All The Feelings — whenever I look at them. They are confident in who they are and they are not afraid of Life. Both are successful business owners.

So while I will miss my daughter and all the brunches, lunches, dinners, shopping, and other adventures to numerous to list here…we have on a regular — I am extremely happy for her to be embarking on this new path.

My younger daughter took flight over ten years ago and I remember feeling this same mix of emotion — pride and joy for her and a twinge of grief as the end of a chapter in my life closed. But that is the gig for a parent.

If we do it right — we work ourselves right out of a job. Our kids grow up to be completely independent and self sufficient humans. They find mates and build their own families. We become relegated to the sidelines of their worlds — extended family — satellites which simply orbit their globes. You give them WINGS to fly away and explore their future.

But as a parent — who did it right — you can take solace in the knowing — you provided your child with a solid foundation — ROOTS which dig deep into the earth. The means for grounding their souls against all the storms Life may throw their way. A means to draw sustenance even in the days when you might not be there for them.

This month I focus on all the positives in my life which lie in the chapters ahead of me. I am not so old that there aren’t many adventures also still waiting to be written into my story.

For you see, I had a good mother too. I didn’t have her very long, but I had her long enough for her to give me Roots and Wings as well.


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