Riding my motorcycle is another level of Zen for me. The helmet muffles most of the noise coming off the back pipes so I don’t really hear it. Its more just white noise. It becomes a soothing sound for those of us who love to ride. I swear my blood pressure goes down even if I just hear a bike drive by. :) The reward is the other senses being so engaged when you are on the road. Feeling the wind, smelling the cedar or pines as you ride by, feeling each curve as you lean into it, having a panoramic view unhindered by a ‘cage’. At times I can even ‘taste’ my ride. And its just me, my bike, and my head out there on the road. The rest of the drivers around me are there, of course, but riding a motorcycle takes you to a different space in your brain.

Thanks for your comment. And being a kindred soul in the ‘get outta my face and leave me the hell alone’ club. :) Namaste

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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