Winding down

Photo by Coleen Rivas on Unsplash

I just returned from four wonderful days at the beach.

I read a bit, walked a bit, basked a bit, but mostly — I slept.

I slept in every morning. There was no to-do list to manage when I started my day. My most pressing issue — find a cup of coffee.

I napped every afternoon. One day that afternoon nap stretched well into early evening — two hours worth of nap.

I slept every night — often to the sound of the ocean just outside my window.

In three short weeks, I will be officially retired. This excursion to the beach was just exactly what I needed to help me let go — detach — from the routines which have filled My Life for over twenty-five years.

What will I do with all my free time when it stretches out before me for weeks at a time, instead of hours?

Anything I want.

But you can bet that afternoon will find me blissfully napping. Finally catching up on the years of sleep that I lost as a wife, mother, and nurse.


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