Responses for Roz

Twenty questions have never been so much fun!

Ann Litts
5 min readMay 5, 2023
Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

I came across this prompt from Roz Warren, Writing Coach and thought it was a good plan. As she said — it allows me to put off writing the piece I was supposed to write that just isn’t bubbling up to the surface. Yet.

So, here goes!

1. How long have you been on Medium?

I started writing on Medium back in the summer of 2017. Those were the days BEFORE the Partnership program. I remember the day my followers hit 500. I couldn’t believe that 500 strangers actually thought what I wrote was worth reading. I was having dinner — tacos & tequila — with a good friend when I got notified that my audience had grown to that benchmark. I sat in awe, nearly in tears, because I knew I didn’t have 500 friends and/or family who would follow me. I remain in this state, grateful for every single one of you who follows me.

2. How long were you on the platform before you figured out that you could clap more than once for a story?

Back when I started — there weren’t claps. I forget exactly how we could show our appreciation for a piece, but I do remember when whatever it was (likes perhaps?) changed to claps. I knew before there were…