Refraction: Beyond Black & White

Our mind is the prism with which we experience Life

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Life — just like Light — is. It simply is.

Each of us sees color through our own unique lens. Just as many factors come into play on how we visually perceive rainbows or the shades of black, white and gray in our world — even more factors influence how we perceive Life.

The Prisms in our minds-eye refract Life so we all see different facets. And no two Humans have exactly the same prism in their mind.

Our prisms are built from the collective experiences we’ve had here on Planet Earth — past and present lives for some of us. They are tweaked as we meet other Humans, learn new ideas, visit different cultures — become more experienced, more vast. We see more colors and more minute shades within those colors.

Each time we open our minds to a possibility, we allow our prism to add a new facet. We allow for a wider spectrum in our Life experience. We enhance the beauty of the light we project both into Our Lives and into the Lives of everyone we come in contact with.

Once you begin to use your prism to find the spectrum between black and white — to the subtle shades of gray which linger there — you have taken the first huge step. You have opened up and allowed for the possibility of MORE.

Once you see gray, you will begin to pick up subtle shades of lavender just at the edges of your visual field. Soon the lavender is morphing into full-on purple and you are noticing the subtle hues of blue. Or perhaps your prism has grown in a different direction and you are more in tune with the wisps of magenta softly, warmly wrapping you in their embrace.

Once you find the rainbow, the full spectrum, you are forever changed. You become awash in the vibrancy that surrounds you, moves through you, pours out from you. You spend Life in search of the various shades and tones of your spectrum. Nothing which is set in black and white interests you so much anymore.

The possibilities become infinite as you find the colors hidden in Your Life. The colors that were there all the time. Just waiting for you to open. To see past black and white. To grow your prism.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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