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No one — but no one beats a cat at Resting Bitch Face. You can very clearly tell this cat is pissed. So so pissed. She is reacting to an event in Her Very Terrible Life.

Those of us who have owned cats know there is no such thing as a Very Terrible Life for our cats. We all want to come back as our cats.

But I want to tell you right here and now how to make your life better, easier, more peaceful just by doing one thing. It likely will not make your life as good as my cat’s was.

But it’s a start.

This thing, however, it’s not for wimps. It’s hard as hell — because even though I know the truth of what I’m about to share with you — I still get it wrong more times than I get it right.

The best way to bring peace and ease into your world is to stop reacting to it.

All. The. Things.

If you decide to take life in your stride, all the little things which come your way will stop being such a big deal. They will cease to affect you on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level. You can save your Resting Bitch Face for true emergencies. You will suddenly find so much more bandwidth in your life for joy, peace, and happiness.

I’m a nurse — there is a lot of frustration built in the healthcare system which makes me want to scream on a daily basis. But at the end of the day, it’s a good day because no one died. Either from their disease or at my hand. Big Picture.

This week I came home from vacation to a house that had lost its mind. There were at least three minor things to repair to get it back to good. It took me massive amounts of motivation and most of a Sunday to sort them all out. But I did. Without having to call a repairman and with minimal swearing. A long-distance FaceTime call to my son-in-law for an assist and BAM done. My house is intact and functional. I also had Plan B available if necessary because I do have the resources to call a repairman if needed. Big Picture.

I have pretty much curated my FB feed and weeded out all things which raise my blood pressure regarding the politics, the news, police and animal cruelty, religion, blah, blah, blah — any and all hot trigger topics. Sometimes things still pop up, however. I have learned to keep scrolling. Or better yet, use this ‘Hide Post’ button so I never have to look at the offensive image again. It’s a free country, people get to think however they want. (At least for a little while still.) That means they get to think differently than I do. If I am not to be a hypocrite I need to sort myself out and be respectful of opinions I don’t agree with. And I need to understand when people are disrespectful of my opinions that they just haven’t been able to get to this place yet. Delete, block, bless their learning curve and move on. Big Picture.

What do we draw to us? What do we let in? What do we kindly and politely close the door on? Saying ‘No’ gently and firmly without anger or angst can be the best weapon in our arsenal when it comes to defending our peace.

Reactions. In the moment — without thought can pull negative energy towards us. The shit storms of our lives can be added to by our own forces. Everything which happens to us can be a trial or lesson.

We get to decide. It’s our story. We spin it any way we want.

My advice — spin it with JOY!


“Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff.” — Richard Carlson Ph.D.

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