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I love rain.

I love everything about rain.

The way the air feels before a storm. The way the wind blows the leaves up and backwards on the trees. The eerie yellow-green tint to the world.

I love listening to it fall. Gently on my roof or a torrent against my windows.

I love the sounds of the storms — howling winds, cracks of thunder, vibrations of the rain drops as they return to planet earth.

I love the result of the rain — green grass, vibrant flora, full lakes and reservoirs.

I love the feel of rain — I love playing in the rain. Splashing in the puddles. Walking under umbrellas. Wearing rain gear.

I love falling asleep on a stormy night to the dance of lightening just outside my window, the roll of thunder from cloud to cloud, and the lullaby of a thousand million drops of rain hitting windows and roofs.

But most of all — I love breathing in the rain and it’s aftermath. The air is clean and fresh. Devoid of pollens and chemicals that irritate my lungs and just in general piss them off.

I know everyone loves a sunny day. But me — I’ll take a lovely, sweet, clean, rainy spring every time.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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