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The missing ingredient.

It’s missing everywhere I turn. Human for Human — just pick a side — you can divide them up any way you like.

Men vs Women. Or in the last week or so — Women vs Men. In a battle as old as time. Only a few indivduals stand out in their courage and respect for those across the desk/podium/battlefield from each other. Mommie issues, Daddie issues, child abuse, sexual abuse, you name it — ALL THE THINGS comes out on this battleground. And it is butt ugly.

Race vs Race. And really just fucking pick anyone here. I’d say White VS someone — but then in other countries, there is genocide going on between families/tribes/etc and you can’t tell who is who by just looking at their skin — but the hatred runs deep through generations. It is a Universal problem. Perhaps on other worlds, Aliens are stupid enough to be killing each other over Purple VS Green tones or because someone can glow in the dark VS others who don’t.

Religion VS Religion. Because since there is only ONE GOD — we have to fight to the God Damn death to make sure OURS wins, Right? WTF people? What if that ONE GOD is the same ONE GOD for everyone? I know, radical shit? But since most everyone (at least the violent everyones) are obsessed with there only being ONE GOD — it’s kinda of a no-brainer — IT’S THE SAME ONE.

Wealth VS Poverty. Again — a tale so old — we can just cut to the credits. Wealth keeps draining poverty like the stone it is until there literally is no more resources. Wealth sits in its ivory tower babbling about ‘cake’ ignoring the plight of the people. Revolution happens. Everyone is poor for a long time as the society collapses upon itself. Rinse, lather, repeat. I can’t even begin to tell you how many cultures & societies have committed suicide by Wealth. But stay tuned — I’m pretty sure ours is drinking the poison now.

Different VS Status Quo. This one is really so stupid as to make me want to just scream in frustration. Unless you have a maternal twin out there — every human on this planet is an individual with their own unique DNA roadmap. And even twins are still not IDENTICAL because they get to be themselves — their Real Selves and have their own quirks. No one is me on the planet. If you’re trying to be/say/do/act just like me — you’re not part of My Tribe you’re My Stalker. So knock it the fuck off and go find yourself. Be bold — Be Daring — Be yourself. And stop trying to make everyone be like everyone else. How boring would life be if we were all Stepford Wives?

We need to seek to respect everyone we come across. We need to do that because The Universe in Her infinite wisdom built us as we are, for who we are. If I am looking at another human/being/creature/living thing— I am looking at a Creation of The Divine. Who am I to challenge Her Vision for that Life?


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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