Proof That God Loves Us

Photo by Tara Bazille on Unsplash

Orgasms. La Petite Mort. The Big “O”. Call it what you will. It is a spiritual experience. Everyone knows it. Don’t try to deny it. Good sex takes you places you’ve never been before.

Pick up any book on sex, read any blog on relationships and they will tell you there’s a big difference between ‘just sex’ and ‘good sex’. There is the Disengaged-Getting-Your-Rocks-Off-Physical stuff and there is the Earth-Moving-Calling-Out-The-Name-Of-Whatever-God-You-Believe-In stuff.

I’m talking about the later. Because…yeah…whose name are you calling out again? I rest my case.

Really exquisite sex isn’t just meant to bond you to your partner, it’s meant to open you up to your sacred self. It gives you a glimpse of the ecstatic perfect love which is The Divine.

Christian churches made a terrible tactical PR blunder when they vilified all things sexual back in the day. Pagans, on the other hand, love sex. They see it as the gift it is. Not only for it’s creative magical potential — because something that makes life out of nothing is deep sacred magic — but also for it’s other benefits.

Sex bonds, it releases tension, it moves people from disenchantment to love, it keeps a body young and healthy, it heals. It opens up the soul and pushes it through that doorway to The Divine. Anything that moves you off your plane of everyday existence to the place of Divine blessing and is basically a fountain of youth should be encouraged. Vigorously.

Just sayin’.

So know — great sex, just like great beer is a gift from God. And absolute proof of Her love for us. Grab some of both tonight!




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned