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Have you noticed this?

It’s damn difficult to encourage a Human to focus on The Lesson when all they are interested in is The Drama.

Humans want the gory details. They eat them up like a delicacy. They put the best parts on replay and savor them over and over again. They get a second hand high from other people’s pain. It’s so common, it’s been identified by the medical community — we call it Secondary Gain. For whatever reason — the family member needs the patient to stay sick or in pain. Some Humans go so far as to inflict pain and illness upon another Human under their care. This condition has a psychiatric diagnosis — it’s called Munchausen By Proxy and is a recognized form of child abuse.

As nurses we are trained to keep bringing Humans back to Reality. Good, bad, or someplace in between.

For me — as an observer in My Own Life — The Lessons I’ve learned have taught me Life is hardly ever as traumatic as it feels. Anxiety from past traumas and Fear of the future wind their way into My Now and distort every single view. Life becomes an ever-changing Kaleidoscope when Anxiety and Fear are allowed free reign.

More so if I allow All. The. Things. from other Human’s stories to also seep into My Now. If I listen to the news. If I absorb Drama/Trauma from the people around me. If I internalize every worst-case scenario — If I stop living in My Now, My Reality.

If I allow My Mind and Emotions to do this — they can completely shut down My Life. I will reside in Fear.

And that is how we got to where we are right now as a society. Thousands upon thousands of Humans — fucking up Their Now by living in Fear. Fear of everyone else’s story. Fear of a narrative which doesn’t exist in Reality. Fear of the ever-changing Kaleidoscope they are viewing The Future through. With Anxiety of their past Traumas breathing over their shoulders and whispering in their ears.

None of us are without Anxiety from our past or Fear of our future. Humans are built to know this shit. You can blame Eve for it if you like — but you cannot deny — we are The Creatures Who Know. And with this knowing came responsibility.

Right now we are sadly misusing this responsibility and driving our entire society to the brink of madness.

We are only seeing The Drama — we have ceased to look for The Lessons.

My Life is chock full of Bad Shit. Most Humans would look at it and assume I should be on multiple meds at least for all the mental and emotional upheaval I survived.

But I’m not. Because I found The Lessons — brutal as they were — and fought hard to not hate, not blame, not shame— and this included not aiming those emotional weapons of war at myself.

I don’t write about the gory details of any of My Life because I choose not to feed the Trauma/Drama machine fueling our society. I try to give as few details as possible just to lead Humans to find The Lesson and maybe be able to apply the scenario to their own world.

I could open up about all the bad shit which happened to me — starting with my childhood traumas. Feed everyone all the gory details, dwell upon the scars and the psychological issues they caused me. I could talk about the years I spent with a therapist to dissect it all.

I could talk in detail about every relationship which went sideways on me. The fact I got married at eighteen and divorced at fifty. I could expound on what an asshole each and every single man I ever dated was. I could point out each and every flaw and stir up All. The. Tears. All over again.

I could tell you how tough it was to deal with my daughter’s illness and surgery. I could speak to the pain and suffering it caused for her and her sister as it invaded their childhoods and changed who we were as a family forever.

I could lie in agony and depression over my chronic illness. I could share every single fear and anxiety-producing moment without triaging it. Because trust me — lack of oxygen overlaid on a person with an underlying anxiety issue will bring you to a ledge on a very very high skyscraper.

And if I wanted to be a popular girl that is exactly what I would write about. Because pain is a very hot topic in Our World today.

But I live in a world full of empaths. I am less of one than the people who surround me — however, I see and feel the damage done to them by the current climate.

My older daughter and my oldest granddaughter live completely a wide-open empathetic life. My younger daughter and youngest granddaughter are older souls and can discern a bit more — but still, are in touch with the energies people give off in a very large way. Many of my friends walk about The Earth absorbing All. The. Things.— channels open. There are days they weep for complete strangers they come in contact with — simply because.

Life is an echo. Humans are in a feeding frenzy on Pain and Suffering. They have become addicted to it — even more than usual. If you are looking at The World — Our Country — Your Community — Your Family and wondering “How do I stop this madness?” Start with yourself.

Stop feeding the frenzy. Stop making Pain popular. Stop giving it PR. Stop focusing your attention on it.

Every Witch knows — whatever you focus your attention on — you attract. I will continue to focus on The Lessons. And The Love.


“Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.” — Don Miguel Ruiz. ‘The Four Agreements’

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