No expectations

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Throughout My Life, there have always been moments. Moments when I felt the flow and surge of Life around me. Moments when I had out of body experiences as an observer in My Life. Moments when the completeness of my existence nearly took my breath away.

Organic Joy Moments.

That feeling you get when ALL of your kids are safely tucked in for the night under the same roof — even when they are adults.

That feeling at the end of love-making when the connection to another soul is vast.

That feeling when someone surprises you with a something you never knew you loved.

That feeling in deep conversation with a friend when minds sync and hearts align.

That feeling during the perfect massage as you melt under the loving care of another’s touch.

I could go on — but you get the idea. These moments — spontaneous and magical — hit us from out of the blue. Bestowed upon us by a loving Universe to get a taste of the bliss available to us.

If we can only drop our expectations of Life and trust Her. The generosity of The Universe transcends the pursuit of safe, stable lives. So many of us struggle with the harsh realities of living.

It need not be so. When you let go of the struggle — the expectations (good & bad) — you will find you have more bandwidth for the unexpected gifts inherent to Life on Earth.

Wherever you are today — May your life be blessed with a moment or two of organic joy!


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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