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I have many, many good people in my life. I am very blessed in this department. The interesting part of the equation with several of my friends is in the way we completely compliment each other — our Yin/Yang relationships provide a harmony both parties recognize and benefit from. Love and caring grow in a space which seems bizarre if viewed from the side lines.

One of my best friends and traveling companion is a self recognized girly girly. Her hair always looks great, her nails manicured, she has a fashion sense that is simply killer and she is one of the most beautiful women — inside and out — that I know. She loves All Things Makeover on TV and reads novels full of complex relationships which alway leave you in tears. You’ve met me, right? I can’t remember the last time I used my blow dryer, only wear makeup to my offsprings’ weddings, live in ripped jeans (because motorcycle), am a damn good shot, and swear like a fucking sailor. My TV only goes on when I’m sitting on my couch trying to breath and even then it’s most likely tuned into The Adventures Of Merlin — because escapism fantasy fiction is my cup of tea.

And yet — being near her, reminds me I am 100% woman. Not 100% Warrior. I am allowed to get my nails done, I am allowed to look in the mirror and see my beauty, I am allowed to let the pain and beauty of other’s stories touch my heart. She softens my edges by seeing me as I am and loving me no matter what. I provide for her the strength of the most ardent cheerleader she could ever imagine. I am no Shrinking Violet and I will tell her Every Damn Day how Kind, Important, and Loved she is. I will step between her and anyone, thing that seeks to harm her. I will cut out the heart (with a dull, rusty, spoon) of any one who causes her pain.

The most treasured blessing in my life — is my daughter. She is empathy personified. Her emotions radar has a hair trigger. She can absorb the feelings of an entire room of people — where as I have difficulty even recognizing my own without stuffing them away to be dealt with at a more convenient time. She is my hero. To feel feelings — especially in this day of Virtual Everything is a Super Superpower. She is Real. All empaths are — and I am blessed every time we are together because she teaches me how to do that. How to remain open in a world where I so often just want to close down. For my part, I show her what holding boundaries looks like. I say “No” like the complete sentence it is without guilt and allow others to own their discomfort. I help her find her edges and place sand bags at her boundaries when she needs help to hold them. She is one of a handful of humans on this planet my own heart stays completely open for All. The. Time.

These are just two examples of the amazing people in my world. I am blessed over and over by their gifts. I am a better human because of the lessons they teach me.

Look at your life. Who has The Universe given you? What are their superpowers? Are you listening to the lessons they are teaching you? Are you letting them change you into the person you were meant to be? Are you letting them balance you?

Why not?


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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