Open Hands

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It occurs to me — as I look at the gifts in my life, the people who steadfastly love me and stand by me through all the storms, my comfortable home, my rewarding work, my beloved motorocycle, my yoga and meditation practices — they all came to me because I was open and allowed them in.

Every activity I love, every relationship I have which is infused with love, gifted with time, layered with friendship and respect — came about because we met each other with open hands.

Not desperation. Not grasping. Not need. Openess. Acceptance. Curiousity.

We looked up and recognized a kindred, a friend, a fellow traveler and issued an invitation. Without pressure or strings or expectations. That is how I found every single thing I love in my life.

Once you understand freedom, everything in your life is a gift and a blessing, not a requirement — you begin to understand the essence of love. Love of self, love of family, love of friends, love of life and all the things. Your work, your hobbies, your serendipitous moments.

Love is always available to us. Will it be romantic love? Maybe or maybe not. But love is love is love. The moment you realize that truth, open your hand to the love in your life and stop thinking there is only ‘one’ kind of love — that life becomes massively enriched.

One of my favorite authors, Tosha Silver writes this prayer in her book “Outrageous Openess” —

“Let come what needs to come, and let go what needs to go”.

When I say this prayer — I open my hands to receive the love and joy life has to offer me and I allow whatever needs to leave my life to go. Pain, grief, frustration, anger, disappointment, fear…all of it.

The energy shifts and my breath comes easier, my heart becomes lighter. The seedling which is hope — is fed.

It is one of the hardest lessons — to trust life. It is also one of the easiest.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned